Chura has used the challenges of change to inspire the words and medleys of more than 160 songs.

From age four to fourteen Chura was involved in many performances in and around her hometown of Barranquilla, Columbia, South America.  Beginning her career at age four, signing around the house and the play yard for all who would listen, Chura ultimately caught the attention of many who suppoerted her as she sang, acted and called upon the humor in life as comedian.  Performing at the local school when she was only five, gave her the stage presence needed to perform for an audience.

The talent and wit continued for her as she performed in various concerts at San Bernardo College and Cruzada Social Grade School.  She continued singing every Sunday at La Voz of the Patria and Radio Liberta, both local radio stations, until age fourteen.

At this very early age she became a wife and mother.  These responsibilities made it necessary for Chura to cease performing and allowed little time to enjoy her creative musical talent.  In addition the family moved to Canada in 1980, homeland of her husband.  As the children grew responsibilites diminished so Chura began to write songs in her spare time.

With drawer full of lyrics she eventually began to play guitar, now putting music to the words.  Just as she was beginning to pickup her career goal she was seriously injured at her work place and once again music took a back seat.  However, as the children left to be on their own and the injuries began to heal, Chura slowly returned to the childhood dream of performing.

Because of the praise and recognition she received she decided to record her first CD in 2002.  She has continued to write and compose and she will be releasing her SECOND CD in 2007.

The currently resides in Red Deer, Alberta although her performing takes her to other cities and provinces.  Her ‘MAGNETIC VOICE’ continues to captivate audiences and fellow musicians.  Her vibrant personality continues to draw supporters of all ages and nationalities.  She intends to continue performing until she can no longer sing which mean she will be captivating audiences for many years to come.



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